This week we’re discussing the potential Sinister Six movie and how it could play out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Both Jack and Henry have their own ideas for what a Sinister Six movie and which villains should turn up – but only one of them made notes, and by notes, we meant notes. So what will this all entail? Will it be about Tony Stark again? Will Jack be talking about the Man-Thing… again? If you’ve listened before, you probably know the answer – but there are plenty more surprises in store as we discuss our favourite evil team-up.

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S2E2 – The Fast & The Insidious

This week we’re covering S2E2 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series – ‘The Battle of the  Insidious Six’.

Face front, true believers! We’ve got one hell of an episode for you, with the conclusion to the Insidious Six’s Matchstick Men con-gone-wrong.

Spider-Man is unmasked, Chameleon is letting off steam, Rhino’s like a wrecking ball, Scorpion is still getting bullied, Shocker is naked, Silvermane is getting in the Christmas spirit, Doc Ock is exasperated… and Mysterio is a house plant. Meanwhile, Jack is still mad about Karen Page and Henry is doing Tommy Wiseau impressions… again.

After we talk through another episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, we turn to the comics to talk about ‘The Return of The Sinister Six’ – where Doc Ock goes full Walter White, Hobgoblin’s let himself go, Henry has questions, and Jack has an asthma attack trying to answer them.

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S2E1 – The Insidious Six | N’SIDIOUS

We’re back for Season Two!

This week we’re covering S2E1 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series – ‘The Insidious Six’.

We’re back for the second season and jumping right into the Sinister – I mean INSIDIOUS Six. The Neogenic plot gun is looming overhead, but first the webhead’s greatest villains (and Shocker) have banded together to create an all-new boyband, headsets included.

This leads to a lot of in-fighting, buffoonery, and a ludicrous caper worthy of the Coen Brothers. Meanwhile, Smythe has to make do with his unpaid internship.

Then we jump into yet another comic origin – this time looking back to The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, where Doctor Octopus first assembles the Sinister Six. Spoilers: six grown men fail to kill a teenager.

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Spectacular Spider-Man #1-100 Review

Hey – podcast co-host Jack here! I’m going to start reviewing on a bulk scale since I’m going through aaaallll these Spider-Man issues at the moment and have some thoughts. It’s interesting to note how they fluctuate over their runs with different teams coming in and out.

The Spectacular Spider-Man (or as it was known at this point: Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man) series’ first hundred issues (1976-84) takes a long time to get into the swing of things. At first, it’s effectively B-sides to the main Amazing Spider-Man series and unfortunately ends up falling into the trap of becoming an entire series of filler storylines.

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MCU Phase 4 Updates & Podcast Episode!

Listen to our new episode – MCU Phase 4: Love & Fatigue!

Comic Con and D23 brought all kinds of announcements for Marvel, with Phase Four of the MCU looking to be pretty interesting.

After talking about the Sony-Disney deal falling through in our last episode, Henry and Jack weigh in with their thoughts on the movies and shows lined up, what we think they’ll entail, and what the overall arc of the universe will be from now on – all while giving Hawkeye the side-eye.

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Sony-Marvel Breakup: Boring Business Deals Killed My Son

Sony have taken their ball and gone home. Or at least, that’s what it looks like.

It turns out that Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the fifth and final appearance of Peter Parker in the MCU, after the deal made between Disney and Sony fell through. There’s been a strong reaction from the fandom ever since this news hit – but what really happened?

Jack and Henry talk about who’s to blame, discuss the future of the Spider-Man movies, and ponder the question of our times: are corporations our friend?

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Weird Lore Flashback #5: The Gibbon

We’re re-releasing some of our old Weird Lore BS Corner segments from our early episodes, before we start recording them as separate minisodes. This episode originally appeared as part of Episode 5: Everybody Loves Mysterio.

This week we’re looking at Martin Blank aka The Gibbon. One of Spidey’s most ridiculous foes also gets a two-issue arc and an (unwilling) team-up with Kraven the Hunter. He does NOT have a good time. Continue reading