Weird Lore Flashback #5: The Gibbon

We’re re-releasing some of our old Weird Lore BS Corner segments from our early episodes, before we start recording them as separate minisodes. This episode originally appeared as part of Episode 5: Everybody Loves Mysterio.

This week we’re looking at Martin Blank aka The Gibbon. One of Spidey’s most ridiculous foes also gets a two-issue arc and an (unwilling) team-up with Kraven the Hunter. He does NOT have a good time. Continue reading


Bonus Episode: Dumb YouTube Comments

As a bonus episode for season one, we made the fatal error of wading into the YouTube comment sections for everything related to the first season of Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Going episode-by-episode through this internet nonsense, we came across a lot of great talking points and strange subjects to cover, including:

Thicc supporting characters, lizard fetishists, taco physiques, symbiote lips, sad straw men, pizza time, and the magical world of… the 90s.

Jesus trist.

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Episode 13 – Crotch Cam Cultural Appropriation

It’s the season one finale!

This week we’re covering S1E13 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series – ‘Day of the Chameleon’.

We’ve come to the final episode of season one, so after a quick round-up of the Hobgoblin comics Jack’s been reading, we’re jumping right into an all-new villain.

But first, an old one: audio difficulties. (our mic was faulty this week so we went back to the basics with a lil drop in quality. Sorry guys)

What do you get when you mix Grace Jones, Scarlett Johansson and Captain Falcon? The Chameleon is here, with plenty of race-swapping and insensitive remarks to go with his crotch camera. He can be any person, or any tree, or any animal because that’s his job and the requirements of his job.

Soon-dated identity politics aside, our latest villain causes havoc in the workplace, Robbie gets jumped, and JJ gets a sneaky feeling that terrorism actually is all around.

After that, we look back to The Chameleon’s comic origins all the way back in The Amazing Spider-ManĀ #1. It’s there that everyone’s favourite webslinger turns down an unpaid internship with the Fantastic Four, before running afoul of helicopters, smoke bombs, and communism.

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Episode 12 – 2Hob2Goblin: Double Dash

Face front, true believers!

This week we’re covering S1E12: ‘The Hobgoblin Part Two’.

This week we’re talking Bob Hoskins… I mean Gobhoblin… I mean Hobgoblin part two! After last week’s cliffhanger, we talk about what a Spider-Man: The Animated Series kart game would look like and eventually talk about the episode in question – discovering the ultimate arch-enemy: the unnamed jerk doctor.

After Henry proves he can’t say ‘Hobgoblin’, he makes up for it with his Vincent D’Onofrio impression, bringing us right around to the origins of The Kingpin in The Amazing Spider-ManĀ #51.

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Far From Homecast + Extras!

We’re talking Spider-Man: Far From Home!

Take a breather, true believers, Mysterio is actually here in a real life movie and we are kind of beside ourselves. Are we too giddy to actually evaluate whether or not this is a good movie? Does Jake Gyllenhaal go full Okja? What does Jack like more, Sam Raimi or trains?

It’s time to review the latest MCU entry, first with some non-spoiler thoughts, then at 39:26 we swing right in to SPOILER territory.

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Episode 11 – The Notorious H.O.B.

Face front, true believers!

This week we’re covering S1E11: ‘The Hobgoblin Part One’.

Mark Hamill is on the scene as Hobgoblin, leading to a lot of weird detours into folklore and some misguided attempts to rhyme. Hob heads to the top of the freelancing pool, setting up a bizarre love triangle with Smythe and Kingpin of Crime (and muscle).

Most importantly, Jack makes a case for the 100% body fat super saiyan, we delve into the realities of the Thanos snap, and Henry unfortunately fails the Vin-Diesel-Damon-Wayans test.

Then we talk about the father, the son, and the holy psychiatrist in the the classic issues. Yep, that means some goblin recaps – mostly focusing on Hobgoblin’s debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #238.


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Weird Lore Flashback #4: Doc Ock and Aunt May’s Wedding

We’re re-releasing some of our old Weird Lore BS Corner segments from our early episodes, before we start recording them as separate minisodes. This episode originally appeared as part of Episode 4: Doc Octopus Logs In.

This week it’s time to talk about the long relationship that blossomed between Aunt May and… Doctor Octopus? Yep, those two had a wedding, there were love letters, there was nuclear explosion… it was prime material for Weird Lore BS Corner. Continue reading